Thursday, February 21, 2008

Leaky Web Browsers

I'm pretty compulsive when it comes to checking out my blog stats in Google analytics, specifically, the referer data. For a while, I'd been mulling over some corporate intranet hosts that were sending clicks through. I Google'd them, but couldn't find out what company they were coming from.

Today I found out.

I was on a conf call with a security vendor who was giving his pitch and demo'ing his software. One part of the tool showed some sample data. Data which contained some internal host names from his corporate intranet. Host names which were on the same domain as the mystery referer in my stats!

Out of respect, I won't shout them out on here. But I do think it goes to show how easy it is to inadvertently leak corporate data. Referer data leaks have been talked about for a while now. I wonder when browsers will allow users to prevent referers from being sent across security zones.

Thanks for the links everone :-)

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