Monday, August 25, 2008

Domain Validated SSL Certificates

Regarding the SSL certificate I procured from a major Certificate Authority, the following two points would have helped prevent the issuing of the certificate.

1. An automated connection outbound over SSL to (using a secured DNS server).
If this was done, it would have been obvious that the domain already has a valid, non-expired certificate. Why would Microsoft need another one? This should have thrown a red flag.

2. Actual domain validation (DNS poisoning was not used).
WHOIS information was simply disregarded. It also appears that it was a person who messed up, not necessarily a system. Awareness training is always a good thing. The scariest part was that people I spoke to on the phone saw nothing wrong with what I was requesting.

I don't want to name the CA who messed up - that won't help anyone.

I will, however, give props to a CA who did a great job. It may have just been one guy there who saw the badness, but he promptly called me with a loud and direct WTF?!

"There is no way we can give you that certificate", he told me. Way to go Digicert!

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