Friday, December 5, 2008 owned; SSL, little yellow locks surrender.

A Washington Post blogger reports that the domain name was hijacked. CheckFree is an online bill pay solution which many banks use to provide customers with a convenient method of making payments online. Apparently, attackers took control of the domain name by obtaining Check Free's credentials for their domain registrar account at Network Solutions. They were able to simply change the name servers for (as well as any other Check Free domain), and all users would be redirected to attacker controlled web servers hosting malware and self-signed certificates.

On SlashDot, one person mentions that they were served a self-signed certificate when they clicked through to CheckFree from their bank. This attack could have been even nastier if the attackers had procured a legit CA signed certificate. Maybe the Network Solutions credentials also worked for CheckFree's EquiFaxSecure/Geotrust account (check out the cert for If they had a valid cert and weren't hosting malware, who knows how long the hijacking could have lasted. All Check Free traffic could have been routed through the attacker servers in plain-text. Scary.

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