Sunday, October 13, 2013

Revival's been a while. I recognize that there are many benefits to blogging, so I just need to get back on the horse. My interests are far more varied that information security now, so there will be additional topics covered here. Essentially, this is going to become my personal blog, and there will be InfoSec focused things being posted at

Short term goals for this new revival include one health/wellness/athletics related post per week, and one technology related post per week.

In an effort to defeat resistance, I will start now with a recap of my training week.

My training week typically ends on a Sunday. Today was kind of a "breakthrough" ride for me in two ways. First, I haven't done any serious group road rides all year. This was due to injuries early in the year and adjusting to fatherhood. So I rode with some guys who have been riding consistently all year. Second, I didn't eat any labeled foods. In an effort to refine my nutrition, I'm trying to stick to whole foods of the plant-based variety, as opposed to the typical sports drinks, gels, and bars that I had come to rely on.

Sundays ride, according to strava:

48.5 Miles
3:02:37 (moving time)
2,615ft of elevation gain
Avg power 175watts
Peak 20min power of 225watts

-herbal tea
-piece of dark chocolate, almond butter

48oz of water
A handful of brazil nuts
A handful of dates
Seasalt (dates & nuts were in a zip lock back, and were shaken up with the salt. The salt stuck to the dates. It was good).

Recovery smoothie / lunch:
-One giant kale leaf
-Half an avocado
-One beet
-One banana
-One scoop of plant-based protein powder
-Some ground chia seeds

I was certainly not fresh for this ride, due to Saturdays workout. This ride was not planned.

Saturday: kettlebell workout at home
Friday: 3 long dog walks (~8miles total)
Thursday: 1 hour trail run + dead lifts
Wednesday: 1 hour yoga
Tuesday: rest
Monday: 30min - Dead lifts, KB swings, shoulders. Easy to help beat the cold.
Sunday: unplanned rest. I had a cold, but I beat it pretty quick.

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