Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Changing target landscapes

Dancho Danchev asks if the recent mass SQL injection attacks are intended to steal databases from vulnerable sites, or if they are being used to build a network of compromised hosts for later attacks. I would just assume that an intelligent attacker would do both

As popular targets harden, attackers will adapt and look for ways to exploit less popular targets en masse. While it may have been easy a few years ago to compromise one valuable target, today it might be easier (and safer) for an attacker to compromise 100 smaller targets and get the same value.

As the target landscape changes, attacks and tool kits will mature, making it easier to automatically compromise sites using a wide range of vulnerabilities. A few years ago, we had big compromises at large organizations like TJ Maxx. Today, we see more attacks targeted at smaller organizations, like the most recent one I know of at multiple locations of a popular restaurant chain in the states.

In the same way new and expensive technologies trickle down from the largest companies that can afford them, the attackers will trickle down from the hardened juicy targets to the smaller and softer, yet more prevalent, targets.

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