Friday, May 2, 2008

Transloading? WTF!

Some research I've been doing led me down an interesting path. The path of the WebTV user (or Webbie). I've never used or seen a WebTV, but I've come across a number of sites the past few days that INSIST I browse them from a WebTV or they will not let me in :-)

Anyway, the sites I've been Exploring are called "transloading" sites. Transloading is when you tell to fetch a URL from, and store it on WebTV users need this, I presume, because either they can't store files locally and then upload them, or it is just a big PITA.

The fetching part is the normal application/proxy stuff I usually rant about. The storage part is a little more interesting. All of these site request an FTP host, user name, password, if you wish to rename the file, and sometimes even a desired permission level to set on the new file. Forget about the fact that none of them use SSL when transmitting these credentials. Forget, again, that this type of site reinforces bad habits that lead to people getting phished.

The scariest part is that some of these sites are also pretty good at spitting out the command line results when they attempt to FTP to your specified host. There seems to be some pretty obvious command injection vulnerabilities in many of them. So even if your a shrewd "webbie" (no homo) who trusts the person hosting the transloading script, their box could easily be compromised and your ftp creds are being harvested by someone else.

Many of the transloading sites actually seem to use the same CGI script to do their job. I haven't been able to locate a copy of this script, but I haven't tried too hard to find it either. If you want to know more about transloading, checkout Beth's site

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