Friday, May 16, 2008

Black Hat USA 2008

I have some exciting news. Well, exciting for me anyway :-)

I was accepted to speak at Black Hat 2008 this summer in Las Vegas. You can read my abstract here. I'm in the network track (since I'm talking about SSL VPN) but rest assured there will be a ton of application security content in my talk.

A lot of big names in the security space will also be speaking there, and it's an honor to be included among them.


Pete Soderling said...

That's awesome news, man. Congrats!

(One day soon you'll be a household name in infosec - sort of like Ory Segal.)

Anonymous said...

nice job! now if you could only get a few people you don't know to read your blog :)


Anonymous said...

it was excellent seeing you in denver this week and I look forward to your talk in Vegas.